Galaxy S4 Mini Headed for UK Next Week

About a month after the Galaxy S4 launched, Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 mini. In fact, rumors of the device had been doing the rounds since before the Galaxy S4 was available. However, while Samsung was more than happy to talk specs, the company didn't give a release date more specific than this summer. Today we have a better idea of when the S4's little brother will hit retail availability.


UK retailer Phones 4U has the S4 mini up on its website with a release date of July 1. That puts the UK launch of the Galaxy S4 mini on Monday. It's not clear if this will be a global launch, but we're sure that confusion will quickly clear up once Monday rolls around and/or we get an official announcement. Phones 4U has the price of the S4 mini listed as £419.95. This is for the SIM-free model. Comparatively, the S4 is priced at £579.95.

The miniature version of the S4 isn't just smaller than the regular S4; it's also less powerful. The device packs a 1.7 GHz dual-core processor (compared to the quad-core or octa-core CPU inside the Galaxy S4), as well as 1.5 GB of RAM, a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 1.9-megapixel HD front-facing camera, 8 GB of internal memory and support for 4G LTE, 3G HSPA+ or 3G Dual SIM, depending on the region. Of course, you can expect Samsung's Touch Wiz to be in full attendance. Though the S4 mini's big brother will soon be available with stock Android, it's unlikely this new device will follow suit.

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  • nino_z
    Way too expensive...It costs more than the S3 32GB...!
  • CrArC
    £420?! Why are these so expensive?!

    I just bought a THL W100 for £140 brand new off eBay. 1.2GHz quad core, 1GB RAM, latest unmolested version of Android JB without 3rd party garbage, gorgeous vibrant IPS display, 8(12)MP rear + 5MP front camera that takes great pics, dual sim ability, and two batteries. Thin, good weight to it, rock solid build quality.

    Feels fast to use as well, very responsive. I'm really happy (and surprised... was taking a massive punt trying one of these unfamiliar foreign phones).

    If cheap unfamiliar phones are this good and big-brand phones that pricey I doubt I'm ever going to buy a phone from a service provider again. Certainly not these big brands anyway.
  • CrArC
    Dupe post, ignore -_- damnit Toms, your commenting system sucks now.