Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Watch to Debut Alongside Galaxy S4

Samsung is purportedly planning to debut the Galaxy S4 Mini and a Galaxy Watch alongside the Galaxy S4 smartphone itself.

According to SamMobile, the company may take the same approach as it did with the Galaxy S3 Mini. It's performed well in Europe, while a U.S. release has never been Samsung's plan. Either way, Apple dropped its Galaxy S3 Mini patent claim in the U.S. providing Samsung doesn't actively sell the product within the country.

The Galaxy S IV Mini is likely to feature less powerful technical specifications, as well as the omission of key features such as wireless charging. Consequently, though, it'll naturally retail for a lower price.

The South Korean technology giant is also said to be working on a device that will be compatible with an arm band, bike mount and pouch. The product is expected to be a Galaxy Watch that competes with Apple’s rumored iWatch, while Google is 'actively monitoring' the market for the product.

Samsung's Galaxy S4 is reportedly set for a March 15 debut at Samsung's Mobile Unpacked event, with the Galaxy S3 being announced back in 2012 during a previous Unpacked event.

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  • Non-Euclidean
    Dick Tracy is waiting...
  • davewolfgang
    But didn't iCrapple already patent ALL watches????????

    Ya know - because they NEVER existed before "that company" announced theirs??
  • pbrigido
    I would love to have a smartwatch instead of a smartphone. Make it just as functional so I don't have a brick in my pocket all day.
  • guerrero
    I hate big phones, I would choose an iPhone 5 over a huge Galaxy S3. I am thankful for S4 mini :D
  • redeemer
    Hope they get rid of the "Hyper Glaze" crap!
  • samwelaye
    I really hope the gs4 and the gs4mini are much closer in specs than gs3/s3mini were. I'd like a good high-end ~4" phone.
  • youssef 2010
    redeemerHope they get rid of the "Hyper Glaze" crap!
    me to, the grippy backside of the Galaxy Note was very nice and didn't show fingerprints
  • Waiting on word of the Galaxy Note 3 with a 6.3 inch 1080p screen. Bigger is better.
  • 308med
    Consequently, though, it'll naturally retail for a lower price.

    C'mon, man. I know this is a tech site and not the NYT, but you're still a paid journalist.
  • downhill911
    Samsung just wants to piss off apple. They probably do not even care if they sell or not.
    Nice troll Samsung!