Rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs, Set for March 15 Debut

Samsung's Galaxy S4 is apparently scheduled for a debut on March 15, while a render and a new batch of rumored specs for the device have emerged.

SamMobile said a "trusted insider" claimed that March 15 is the date that the S4 will be unveiled. A European release will purportedly follow in early April. The unveiling itself is said to be taking place at a Samsung Mobile Unpacked event. Last year, the South Korean technology company announced the Galaxy S3 during an Unpacked event.

Invitations for the unveiling will apparently be sent out soon after the Mobile World Congress at the end of February. A new set of Galaxy S4 specs and a render, meanwhile, have also surfaced, as noted above.

Samsung, which has confirmed the existence of the Galaxy S4, previously said that the device will skip the aforementioned event. The smartphone itself was recently showcased in an alleged leaked press shot.

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  • halcyon
    Can't help but like that render. Look forward to seeing what kind of voodoo Samsung has been whipp'n up.

    Oh...Apple is gonna HATE this beast...makes me smile just thinking about it.
    Sounds good but could use:
    -More RAM (2x)
    -Better Battery
  • longshotthe1st
    Looks like I'm getting off the HTC train. (about time)
  • therabiddeer
    They didnt fix some of my biggest issues with the S3... charger plug on bottom and power button on side. I always accidentally hit the power/volume on my S3.
  • InvalidError
    JOSHSKORNSounds good but could use:-Octo-core-More RAM (2x)-Better BatteryMore cores does not help without threaded software to make actual use of them.
    More RAM is a toughie since current 8Gbit chips are already stacked dies so jumping to 4GB would require twice as many RAM ICs until 8Gbit dies materialize.
    Better battery is easier said than done in such constrained environments.

    Personally, I would be more interested in reducing power than increasing battery size/capacity since phones and tablets tend to get uncomfortably warm around their SoC area when under prolonged load, which I personally find very annoying. If you could magically cram a 50Wh battery in a phone to feed a 10W SoC/APU, the phone would still be useless as a gaming/computing device since it would become unbearably hot when under non-trivial sustained load... unless you do not mind having to slap a HSF on your phone!
  • prabjot8
    JOSHSKORNSounds good but could use:-Octo-core-More RAM (2x)-Better Batterynah I think 2 gb of ram is more than enough for a phone. Its not like your going to be playing hardcore games or something.
  • jimmyjohnz
    If it really does get those specs, then the S4 is going to be a monster of a phone. Hopefully the price tag doesn't get any more monstrous though.
  • Uberragen21
    Only problem I see is the front mounted speakers right next to the mic. Can you say feedback? Obviously it would only cause feedback when using the speaker phone, but that can be a major problem if the rendered pics above are accurate.
  • Cons29
    therabiddeerThey didnt fix some of my biggest issues with the S3... charger plug on bottom and power button on side. I always accidentally hit the power/volume on my S3.
    may i ask where you would want those placed? i am ok with them, to each his own of course. But i agree that i sometimes push them accidentally.

    bigger battery is nice, i don't mind a heavier phone as long as it has good battery. Being too light makes the phone feel cheap, imo.

    the image looks good though, more classy than the s3, and own an s3
  • mcd023
    whats BT 5.0