3D Realms Seeks to Crowd-Fund Next FPS Game

3D Realms is back, and it's tackling yet another FPS after having to relinquish control of Duke Nukem Forever over to Take 2 Games and Gearbox Software in 2010. The news may be surprising to some given that the studio seemingly closed its doors after the Duke Nukem Forever fiasco. But the company lived on, and CEO Scott Miller even said in 2011 that the company had moved on to several smaller projects.

"Once DNF comes out we'll be definitely looking to invest into other projects, and maybe other up-n-coming teams who are blazing new trails on smaller platforms, like smart phones and XBLA," he said in an interview. "We have a long history of investing in young, unproven teams, going way back to Id Software, and including other notables like Parallax Software (we were the first studio to invest in Descent), and Remedy Entertainment (Death Rally and Max Payne).  So, we like that model and will keep doing it in the future.  We seem to have a good eye for unproven talent waiting for some experienced guidance and hard-to-find funding."

One of its projects has surfaced on a new crowd-funding site called Gambitious which officially launched on Tuesday. As the name implies, this site is entirely dedicated to financing video game development, taking some of the burden off Kickstarter. The 3D Realms project is a first-person shooter called Earth No More – the studio serves as co-producer alongside an unknown developer, similar to what it did with Prey (Human Head) and Max Payne (Remedy).

"Mankind's relentless destruction of Earth awakens a biological response from deep within the planet's crust that threatens an environmental apocalypse," reads the shooter's description on Radar Group's site. Radar Group is a brand creation and portfolio management company co-founded by Scot Miller who serves as its Chief Creative Officer. He's also one of the five members of the Gambitious advisory board.

Earth No More was originally slated to hit the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2009, but disappeared once the development duties shifted between various studios and 3D Realms' financial issues took over. Currently it's unknown when the project will hit the new crowd funding site, but investors will not only be able to donate to its development, but purchase an actual equity investment in the project as well.

"Developers set their own funding goal (€20,000 up to €2.5 million), project terms, and decide if they (partly) go for funding through equity raise or through pledge/donations," the site states. "Developers determine the rewards or how much equity they are willing to offer investors in return. Developers always retain intellectual property rights and creative control of the project. Gambitious offers access to a global audience of investors and fans and enables them to directly contribute to game projects and allowing the to share in their success. Gambitious uses a secure and dedicated trust account for all."

Currently Gambitious has seven projects on the table: Tink, Cosmic OJ, Candy Kids, Train Fever, Mushroom Men: Pax's Truffle Trouble, Super Micro Heroes and Piratoons F2P. In addition to the 3D Realms shooter, another upcoming project will be from Firefly Studios called Stonghold Crusader 2.

For more information about Gambitious, head here.

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  • Stonghold Crusader 2?? or Stronghold?
  • And wait another 10 years for a half-finished beta?

  • bigdragon
    3D Realms has completely discredited themselves. They are irrelevant in today's market. I wouldn't trust them to complete anything, especially something fun I'd be interested in playing. They could have turned into something like id, Valve, or Epic but fizzled out instead. Sorry guys. You had your chance and blew it.
  • uglynerdman
    i havent heard the 3d realms name forever. good ol nuke nukem 3d. i miss that game.
  • bustapr
    i dont think its smart of anyone to support/fund these guys. they had duke nukem in dev hell for 10 years and were never close to finishing it. itd really suck if you funded these guys and they never finished their game with your money.
  • zander1983
    3dR guys will en up buying new BMWs with the money and not bring out any game...
  • joytech22
    pukenukemAnd wait another 10 years for a half-finished beta?HAHAHAHAH NOPE
    Your username doesn't AT ALL suggest that you have an incredibly strong negative outlook on a certain game and/or creator of that game. /s
  • schnitter
    Sorry 3D Realms, you won me over with Duke, Max Payne, and Shadow Warrior, but you broke my heart beyond repair with Duke Nukem Forever. I couldn't even finish that game.
  • Am I the only person who actually enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever, sure it wasn't as good as it should have been. After ten years it should have been epic like Duke Nukem 3D was in its day, wasted a fair bit of my late teens on that game playing multilayer on Nintendo 64. Dnf definitely wasn't a AAA game but was still a lot of fun. Must get it on PC, I preferred the single player of DN3D on pc then n64 it mite be the same.
  • aggroboy
    SchnitterSorry 3D Realms, you won me over with Duke, Max Payne, and Shadow Warrior, but you broke my heart beyond repair with Duke Nukem Forever. I couldn't even finish that game.you can take that up with Gearbox