Galaxy Adding Wireless HD to GeForce GTX 460

Galaxy Microsystems announced on Thursday that it implemented AMIMON’s WHDI technology into its latest Galaxy GTX 460 graphics card. The new WHDI Edition, shipping in October, will allow consumers to stream HD content and games wirelessly to their HDTV from the PC.

"Gamers and PC users alike want to take the PC games and content from a small monitor to the superior image of an HDTV," said Alex Lam, CEO of Galaxy Microsystems Ltd.  "Fusing Galaxy’s high-performance graphics cards with AMIMON’s WHDI technology provides gamers and consumers with the highest quality wireless HD video connection."

According to Galaxy, AMIMON’s WHDI technology has no noticeable latency, estimated at less than one millisecond, making it suitable for most PC gaming. The card also contains five antennas which wirelessly connect to a stand-alone receiver plugged into the HDTV. This allows the user to place the PC anywhere in the room without the need for stringing cables across the floor.

Unfortunately, Galaxy didn’t release any specs on the card—the main focus was primarily set on the wireless HD content. However based on provided images, users can still connect the card to a monitor or HDTV using DVI and HDMI outputs.

Although the Galaxy GTX 460 WHDI Edition ships in October, pricing was not provided. Expect more info--hardware specs and actual availability--to appear in the coming weeks.

  • Stryter
    That is awesome. Now that I think about it, im surprised this hasn't been done before now.
  • ionut19
    This is a hell yea thing, people will start asking where's the x-box or play station when playing games on the new LED LCD TV since there is no PC in the vicinity ..he he..
  • slabbo
    Sounds promising. what's the range on the wireless?
  • sacre
    Wow all that data going through the air?! THROUGH OUR BRAINS! omg this is gonna cause cancer and brain tumours and all that bullshit people keep claiming happens when waves travel through our brains.

    Heads up people, the Universe is pumping millions of Radio waves and other types of radiation through our head every millisecond, yet we're all fine =O.

    This is an awesome idea btw, this is the future man. Love it, want it, can't afford it, damn it.
  • AMD_pitbull
    I love seeing little additions to cards like this. In today's market, both companies are so close (and I'm sure some fanboy will be more then happy to start a flame war after me stating that) that you almost can't lose when you choose a card. It's about what you can afford and whether you want to buy red or green. With these fun little additions to cards, it's makes it a much more interesting acquisition and, depending on the feature (3D, eyefinity, physx, etc) borderline demands the other company step up. Lets face it folks, for those of us that are tech fans (regardless if you have a loyalty or not), we're living in VERY exciting times. :) Cheers
  • Glorian
    I am willing to bet the cost of the thing isn't gonna make it any better than making a simple htpc, but who knows.
  • Darkv1
    As long as the card and the wireless TV adapter aren't too outrageously priced I might have to look into something like this for my next build.
  • MasterM40
    Wonder what console will be the first to adapt this newer technology, I for one would mind not having to plug up my xbox! How much will it cost I wonder? Amazing feature Im very excited to see the range, quality, and durability! Either way its cool to see it introduced it can only improve with time...
  • molo9000
    What about the audio?
  • adamboy64
    As long as the latency lives up to what they've claimed and the range is good, then yes, this could be really something.