GoDaddy Selling Domains in Stores via OfficeMax

In what may be considered one of the most puzzling moves ever done by an Internet company, GoDaddy has partnered up with OfficeMax to make domains purchasable in stores.

The companies hope to target small businesses looking for website bundles for SEO, web design, and domain. The price range between these packages are huge, from an affordable $12.99 for a domain name (the standard rate) to a $249.99 package for 10 email addresses, website building, SEO, among others.

Note that these packages are only available to purchase via physical OfficeMax stores. These offers aren't available online on OfficeMax's website because they just might already be available online at You know, one of those places you go when you feel like purchasing a domain.

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  • sun-devil99
    I known them to do weird things (I know I use to work for them a couple years ago), but this tops them all. It just doesn't really make sense in a lot of ways. I can't even begin to understand how they would even pull this off, they going to have Kiosk with an employee(s) in the store? OfficeMax employees sure as hell aren't going to know anything about GoDaddy's product line, much less all the technical details involved with said products (and domain registration regulations and guidelines).
  • virtualban
    I have a feeling of disgust each time godaddy is mentioned, since the time they supported Sopa. They must really have loved the idea back then to go publicly open in favour of it. Any backtracking after that is not worth taking into consideration. There are loads of companies that secretly support Sopa and similar ideas.
    So, good or bad ideas coming from godaddy, my biased opinion is still that they fail and cease to exist.
  • spentshells
    Go home daddy your drunk... you can't even make up your mind on what is good or bad for the internet
  • happyballz
    For the love of god stay away from that company... they are nothing short of internet-terrorists taking you hostage any way they can.
    I had a hosting/domain account with them that I rarely used... mostly to test my project websites and put some files on the FTP. It was almost pure profit for them to have me.
    I bought 2 years’ worth of Linux hosting for 3 years in a row; and specifically put my phone # in the account info and agreed for them to contact me if anything happens regarding to the account. Then sometime in the middle of my recent hosting contract the credit card # got changed since there was some kind of Bank of America security issue... I truly just forgot about it being tied to hosting account for back-up billing since I buy 2-years upfront and not month to month.

    So I ended-up looking up my account standings around what I thought was my renewal month ... I was late to pay by 1 ... ONE freaking day. So they closed my account and removed all my files without ever contacting me by phone like I ASKED (their automatic emails conveniently went to spam folder, where honestly they belong)...all of this happened while my account still had credit for 1 month worth of hosting because their service went down recently. And get this... when I call them they said that even if I sign up again they will need to charge $150 (almost 2 years’ worth of hosting) "recovery" fee to get my stuff put back on the server. And also told me that they can’t use the $8 credit for 1 month without my authorization but happily will charge $150 for recovery fees and not call me while it specifically says that in my account settings! No reputable hosting company does this! This is pure extortion. Many companies I dealt with retain your service as a courtesy up to 3 months in my experience and charge absolutely nothing or waive any fees to download your files and databases!
    Look around the internet there are numerous stories about this extortion $150 “recovery” fee and how they take your domains hostage if they expire by one day and then try to charge enormous prices if you want to buy it back.

    DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM GoDaddy, THEY ARE CROOKS WITH NO CUSTOMER RELATIONS OR LOYALTY!!! There are much better alternatives at almost the same cost.
  • k7mm
    This makes as much sense as the Gateway stores inside Officemax.