Nvidia: PCs are Archaic; Mobile is The Future

Earlier this week during MobileBeat 2010, Nvidia VP of mobile content Neil Trevett said on an "apps everywhere" panel that mobile is the future (thanks to the Tegra chipset). In fact, PCs will soon appear somewhat "archaic" as smartphones, tablets, and even car "infotainment" systems become the end-user's primary source for content, information and socialization.

"Mobile computing is the future," he said. "Mobile is the web, the web is mobile, the two are really integral."

Given that Nvidia's roots have up until now been firmly planted in the PC sector, the news may surprise many of its fans. However the idea behind his comment isn't new--Verizon even hinted to the same theory Thursday, indicating that--thanks to mobile processors reaching 1 GHz and above--smartphones could replace the PC when docked with a keyboard and a monitor.

Still, when we think of Nvidia, we think of hot-n-tasty GPUs cranking out awesome visuals in our PC games.

During the panel, Trevett took a jab at Apple and its closed platform. Apparently the company is banking on Android thanks to Google's open approach. "For Nvidia, coming from a PC perspective to the world of mobile, we really see the benefit of the open approach versus that of a closed one," he said. He then followed up by saying that Nvidia "really sees the benefit of Android over Apple."

"Android is going to be the Windows of the mobile world,” Trevett said, “Did I just say that? Ooops, I’m going to get fired."

  • theguy82
    Yeah ok. Nvidia shouldn't bother with the 500 series video cards then. Just focus on mobile now.
    It's funny that this week I have read a lot about companies saying PC's are on their way out. Maybe for the 16 year old girls that do nothing but tweet.
  • t0r012
    "For Nvidia, coming from a PC perspective to the world of mobile, we really see the benefit of the open approach versus that of a closed one"

    this is from the company that would shut down physx when a card from another mfg was detected even if you had bought one of their cards!
  • smashley
    Of course the VP of Mobile Content is going to say that at a mobile tech conference. It doesn't mean he knows what he's talking about. Personally I don't think it's a coincidence that there's more crap on the internet (twitter comes to mind) since the advent of 'mobile web'. Technology is too freely available now. I think it should be reserved for people who know how to use it, and have something actually useful to say to others (myself excluded) rather than 'check this pic of justin bieber i took on my iphone'. Maybe I'm getting old.
  • leo2kp
  • dunderklumpton
    Mobile is the future huh?

    Think I'll keep my CrossFire rig, thank you very much.
  • Trueno07
    ATI is probably thinking "Yea, that's fine Nvidia. Go ahead and leave the Enthusiast/Scientific/Movie Producing/Server market to us. Because desktops are only capable of doing what phones can do, but a little better. Right?"
  • Simple11
    Maybe when our network infrastructure isn't crap, and our smartphones don't blow so hard (compared to my PC :P)
  • kuleto
    Eventually maybe in like 20-30 years maybe we'll will plug in our phones into a thingy that'll give it more processor cores, GPUs, memory, storage, and a nice huge display of some sort. I could see that, and having enthusiast docks and casual user docks, etc. I dont think a little phone can totally replace the pc though. I can see the PC being transformed though.
  • dogofwars
    Yeah sure, it's not tomorrow that it will happen. And I am sure if you compare one of those 1Ghz processor to one today's PC processor clock at the same speed it would still beet the mobile one at 1Ghz
  • Sykar
    yeeeeaaah, mobile might SOME day replace PCs, in a few decades, but not within the next 10 years...