Android 2.2 Froyo Screens Show Auto Updates

Phandroid managed to score a couple of screenshots showing Android 2.2 "Froyo" running on a MyTouch 3G. The screens came from an "android trusted tester" via 4Chan, and shows both the version number and another highly-anticipated feature. There's indication that the images could possibly be a fake, however with Froyo out and about in Rumorland, chances are the images are legit.

The big scoop in this latest brief is the possible arrival of automatic updating. Froyo may allow users to choose whether to let the installed application update itself, or let the end-user decide when or if to update. On one hand, this would be a welcome feature for heavily-used apps like Google Maps, Slacker Radio, XXX Videos Viewer, and more. However this could be problematic if the update has an unintentional glitch, rendering the app useless.

As reported earlier, Android 2.2 will supposedly offer performance enhancements to the OS including additional RAM for the end-user, support for Adobe Flash 10.1, new APIs that will unleash OpenGL 2.0's entire library to developers, and a possible refinement to the touchscreen resolution, making for more accurate selections. Of course, none of this has been officially confirmed, so chalk these features up as mere rumor.

If Google does plan to implement an automatic update feature, then the company also needs to consider a rollback feature for faulty patches. There's certainly nothing more annoying than broken software thanks to a bad update, leaving end-users nowhere to turn but to sit and wait on a fix for a fix. A rollback feature would definitely be ideal for the next update.

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  • kin3000
    I agree with the need of a rollback feature if auto-updates will be implemented in Android 2.2, rollback should be a must!

    I also like the not so subtle jab at Jobs for his recent response to having no porn on Apple products. =)

    I'm in the market for a new phone now, but I'm waiting to get either a Windows Mobile 7 or Android platform that supports Adobe Flash 10.1, that's the selling point for me.
  • gmarsack
    Adobe Flash 10.1 is by far the biggest feature most users are waiting for, the rest are "meh" in comparison! Can't wait for flash to arrive! Just imagine the possibilities...
  • silky salamandr
    Im still waiting for 2.1 on my hero lol. Cant wait till the win7 phones drop cause im done with android.