Google Opens Seven-story Startup Incubator in London

Google's got a penchant for snapping up startups just when they're getting going (extreme case in point: YouTube). About six months ago, the company reaffirmed its support for fledgling tech companies with the announcement that it had leased a huge, seven-story building near London's Silicon Roundabout that would serve as a launchpad for London-based startups. Six months on, Google is opening the doors to the building it's calling 'Campus.'

Campus offers new companies a place to meet and collaborate as well as mentoring, networking events and the chance to bounce your ideas off like-minded individuals. There's currently two different options for people looking to utilize the space. There is the permanent resident membership, which will net you your own desk with 24/7 access (monthly or annual rentals available), use of Campus' high speed internet, printers, conference rooms, and the chance to mingle with fellow entrepreneurs. If you're not ready to make that kind of commitment, you can always stop by on a more casual basis and use the basement-level cafe for socializing, holding meetings or getting work done (it also has free WiFi access).

Now, you probably don't need us to tell you that space at a place like this is gong to fill up fast. In fact, it already has. ZDNet reports that Campus is already 90-percent occupied, with more than 60 permanent residents on-site, and 4,500 registered users. However, as mentioned previously, non-resident registered members of Campus can still work from the cafe.

According to news reports from last year, Google's lease on the 26,000 square foot building will carry through until at least 2022 and advertisements for renting the building at the time put the rent at roughly £495,000 per year.

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  • anti-painkilla
    This is awesome. I am assuming with what Google is providing, it is running at a loss that they are hoping will be made up by future purchases/ partnerships.