Google Shows Project Glass in Action with New Video

It's been quite a week for Google's Project Glass. Today, the search giant confirmed plans to sell the device to consumers before the end of the year. Currently only available to developers, Google has said the smartglasses it's been working will be on the market sometime in 2013 and that will it be priced at under $1500. Of course, every commercial product needs a commercial or promo video and Google released one of those this week.

The search giant showed off the functionality and various different features of Glass in a video released earlier this week. The clip was published shortly after Google announced plans to expand its pre-order program with a contest across social media channels. The video shows off sharing, video recording, Google search, directions (GPS), weather, and the camera. Check it out for yourself below.

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  • dalethepcman
    Sign me up for the implant version...
  • whiteodian
    Looks awesome, but I really can't see myself paying much more than $200-300 for them. If they are any more than that, I will have to pass.
  • Chairman Ray
    Not sure if pilots will be allowed to wear them, but really cool! Not sure if I would really like to pay $1500 though.
  • MotherFerJones
    I wonder if they will be available in prescription strengths or just as regular glasses with no corrective lens option. Speaking as someone who wears glasses if they are meant to be "slipped-over" your corrective lenses that really squashes the market for people who wear glasses.
  • g00fysmiley
    yea at $1500 i wouldn't be able to justify them but really really want them. I am hoping they are sub $300 at which point game on i would definatly buy them
  • Orlean
    I'm sure someone will make these glasses with corrective lens's. I agree that $1500 is a little to high for me to justify buying these but I'm sure in due time they will become more affordable.
  • pacomac
    Complete waste of time...worthless junk!
  • nolarrow
    Give it time, be honest this is really cool. Yeah you don't need it to survive, it's not necessary, but it's some real star trek type stuff. Laforge is mad jelly right now. In regards to corrective lenses, thats a bad idea. Your vision changes over time, just wear contacts when you wear glass or get corrective surgery (contacts are sufficient). I might never buy this and I might never have a need for it but I'm glad someone is developing it. Also, workplace productivity in America will decrease 10000x due to people watching fap movies all day instead of actually working.
  • ben850
    g00fysmileyyea at $1500 i wouldn't be able to justify them but really really want them. I am hoping they are sub $300 at which point game on i would definatly buy them
    Or just wait a few years after release and enjoy a much improved/cheaper version :)
  • belardo
    $1500 for a totally new tech... not bad. First personal computers with hard drives in the early-mid 1980s were about $4000~8000.