Google Leaks Info About New iMacs, MacBook

Over the last two months (give or take), speculation has been mounting about a more affordable laptop from Apple. Rather than discontinue the notebook when it launched the line of unibody MacBook Pros, Apple retained the white polycarbonate MacBook as the only remaining MacBook in its arsenal. In August, a rumor did the rounds that talked about an industrial redesign, resulting in a slimmer, lighter MacBook with a restructured internal architecture and a price tag that remained under $1,000.

These rumors came back a month later in September, with word of updates to the iMac line too. Engagdet this past weekend cites Google AdSense ads visible to users in the Netherlands that detail a new, thinner, lighter MacBooks and a brand new iMac.

Check the translations below:

"Apple's Newest MacBook. Thinner, lighter and faster! Free delivery. Order today."

"The Brand new iMac. Ultra Thin 20 & 24 inch models. From only €1099 (roughly $1,603). Apple Store."

"Apple's New Mac mini. Faster and more affordable than ever. From only € 499 ($723). Order immediately."

Engagdet reports that all links lead to dead-ends on the Apple website. So, anyone care to hazard a guess as to when we'll hear something official from Apple?