Google Brings Map Maker to the United Kingdom

Google has announced that it is finally expanding Google Map Maker to the United Kingdom. The tools allow Google Maps users to contribute and improve Google Maps by marking businesses, improving driving directions, and adding restaurants. Now, Maps users in the UK get to help! Hurray!

"More than 40,000 people around the world are making contributions and improving Google Maps through Google Map Maker each month," Google said today. "Now it’s your turn to help, whether marking the trails through Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, adding all your favorite shops in London’s Soho Square, or improving driving directions to St Ives in Cornwall."

With so many cities, towns, countries, and continents to map, crowd-sourcing the work out to eager volunteers makes a lot of sense. Map Maker users can add places (shops, restaurants, etc.), roads, rivers, railways, footpaths, cycle paths, building outlines, lakes, boarders of towns and cities, and monuments. According to ZDNet, all changes made to Maps will have to first be approved by Google employees or other members of the community before they go live.

Check out Google Map Maker here.

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