Trackpad Patent Hints Google May Bring Android to Desktop

Google's already got a web-based desktop OS but is the search giant considering taking Android to the desktop too? A patent filed by Google recently indicates that this could be the case.

First spotted by Patently Apple, the patent filing details that, though certain applications or OSes have been designed around a touchscreen UI, it may be beneficial to allow such applications and operating systems to be implemented on more traditional devices, including a desktop, netbook, or laptop computer.

"Certain applications and operating systems (e.g., the Android.RTM. operating system) have been designed around a touchscreen user interface, but it may be beneficial to allow such applications and operating systems to be implemented on more traditional devices (e.g., desktop/netbook/laptop devices) that include physical keyboards and/or pointing devices, such as trackpad devices," Google said in the patent description.

"Trackpad operations may be directly mapped to touchscreen events, which may be processed by applications that may be configured to process such events. In such fashion, a computing device may be capable of processing touchscreen-based events ... regardless of whether the computing device includes or is coupled to a touchscreen."

Though this patent seems to suggest Google is taking Android closer to the desktop/laptop area, judging by the patent, we'd say it's more likely Google's focus with this patent is on laptop-dock type devices that would see an Android phone dock to a companion notebook with the phone itself as a trackpad or input device.

It's thought that Android 5.0, also known as Jelly Bean, will be unveiled at Google I/O this summer, so perhaps we'll hear more about Google's plans for Android and the desktop/laptop then.

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  • madjimms
    Patent Trololol...
  • joytech22
    madjimmsPatent Trololol...
    Well no, not this time..
    It looks like this time it's legit.
  • makafri
    I would like a partition with android on my pc for sure :)
  • funguseater
    Hmmm wonder if this has anything to do with iOS coming to OSX... oh boy more lawsuits...
  • pjmelect
    Does not this patent describe Windows 8?
  • pjmelect
    This patent describes Windows 8, The patent system is broken, I think that the lawyers will become very rich.
  • CKKwan
    IIRC, more than 10 years ago, there were touch pad that emulate a double click when we touch it with 2 fingers.
  • onyx_64
    wow.. so there is a patent that apple actually missed to file?!
  • guardianangel42
    Now google's just getting arrogant.
  • cookoy
    No need to have a touchscreen monitor for a desktop PC then. But on a desktop PC or notebook i still prefer to use a mouse to navigate rather than using the touchpad (built-in or via external device)