Google Play Store All Out of 8GB Nexus 7 Units

With Apple's iPad event over, the tech industry is preparing for Friday's Windows 8 launch and Monday's Microsoft and Google events. As far as Google is concerned, the company is rumored to be introducing Android 4.2 and a new 32GB version of the Nexus 7 (which is already sitting on store shelves). There's also talk of a second 32GB Nexus 7 featuring HSPA+ (3G) connectivity. However, today brings some fresh speculation about the existing 8GB Nexus 7.

Engadget reports that Google is fresh out of the 8GB version of its Asus-made slate. The tablet is now listed as 'Coming Soon' on the Google Play Store. Whether Google is trying to make way for the 32GB version, an updated 8GB version, or the device is simply out of stock remains to be seen.

Monday's event is also rumored to be the launch pad for a new Nexus phone from LG. Dubbed the LG Nexus 4, it will come packed with a quad-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon SoC, a 4.7-inch 1280 x 768 display, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, an 8MP camera on the back, a 1.3MP camera on the front, and a 2100mAh battery. Tune in on Monday to get the full details on Google's updated Nexus line!

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  • house70
    Just in time for the new 32Gb Nexus 7 launch.
    I guess the 16Gb will be the new 8Gb, at least in terms of pricing.
  • amdwilliam1985
    Google should up the SSD in the next Nexus phone.
    Come on, it's been a few years since they first introduced 16GB phones. With the microSD card gone, 32GB should be a standard going forward. The price of these SSD should have fallen a lot in the past few years.