Google Reader Shuts Down Today

Google announced back in mid-March that it would be shutting down its Google Reader web feeds service. The decision was part of a spring cleaning effort that will see Reader join the likes of Google Desktop, Google Maps API for Flash, and Sidewiki (among others). At the time, Google gave users a good four months to find alternative RSS readers and the shut down was scheduled for July 1. In case you haven't looked at your calendar yet today, the time is nigh.

After midnight tonight, Google Reader will be gone. Users can still export their data, including their subscriptions, with Google Takeout until then. After that, you're on your own. If you are searching for an alternative, you have a ton of options. Between Digg, AOL, Feedly, and others, the selection of Google Reader replacements is vast, and still growing.

Check out Tom's Guide's round-up of Google Reader alternatives. It doesn't even begin to cover every alternative, but it does feature our favorites.

  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer
    I felt a great disturbance in the 'Net, as if millions of geeks suddenly cried out in frustration...
  • Whati Feeltoday
    Good Bye Google Reader :( and thanks to for the support.
  • patapoof
    I'll miss it but it's not the end of days described everywhere :)