Google's UK Market Share Falls Below 90 Percent

Google might have expanded into many markets over the years but the company's core business is still search. The company's successful search engine is its bread and butter. However, it seems that the bread and butter is slipping in the UK. According to Hitwise, Google's UK search market share has dropped below 90 percent for the first time in years.

Experian Hitwise reports that in October, Google accounted for 89.33 percent of all UK internet searches. While this is definitely still the lion's share of the market, its the first time in five years that Google has dropped below 90 percent market share in the UK. The 1.41 percent drop from 90.74 in September meant growth for both Microsoft and Yahoo!, Google's biggest competitors in the search space. Bing's market share increased by 0.72 percent to 4.7 percent of all UK searches. Yahoo! enjoyed 3.33 percent of searches, a 0.50 percent increase over September.

"Clearly, Google still maintains a huge competitive edge over the other search engines in the UK market. There are 18 times more searches conducted on Google Sites than on all the other search engines combined," wrote Experian's James Murray. "However, this is encouraging news for Microsoft as Bing once again starts to gain some momentum and traction in the UK search market."

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  • captainblacko
    i still use google daily....but that's because its the default search engine in firefox.

    However bing is starting to grow on me. I love Bing Maps....but thats possibly because i was a user of its predecessor multimaps.
  • myromance123
    I wonder how duckduckgo fares in all this.
  • jnffarrell1
    Google is giving Microsoft enough rope to hang itself with knock out tactics learned from IBM and applied since the '90s to favor IE and other MS internet products. With Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8, MS makes it difficult to impossible for users to exercise their right to other browsers, other search, map, social, etc. Apps.

    When the smoke clears in the EU, reciprocal open interfaces for browsers, search, maps and Apps will apply to Google, Apple, Microsoft and other 'ecosystems'.