Guild Wars 2 Beta Delayed Due to Technical Issues

I know many of you are looking forward to a Guild Wars 2 beta weekend with Memorial Day coming up. Unfortunately, it's not happening.

ArenaNet’s posted a message on its Facebook page explaining to fans that though the first beta weekend was a success, there’s been a host of technical issues. As a result, the developer’s been running stress tests on the Guild Wars 2 servers and adding new hardware.

There’s no ETA on when the new hardware will be in place and thus, no date for the next Guild Wars 2 beta weekend.

Hopefully, whatever adjustments that ArenaNet makes for the next beta round is enough to handle the heat of the user load. I think everyone’s already had their fair share of login failures from the Diablo III launch.

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  • derekullo
    Diablo 3 being released is a technical issue?
  • hotroderx
    derekulloDiablo 3 being released is a technical issue?

    Having your servers down for 16+ hours on release day is thought. Blizzard was not prepared at all for the login's and the entire system ended up crashing. They also manged to crash World of Warcraft for 15-20mins that day also.

    I am glad other company's are learning from blizzards mistake hopefully blizzard gets all he minor issues of D3 worked out.
  • bignick18
    They probably dont want to take any more heat for the beta feeling like a beta. To many people see it more as a Demo and get upset about bugs and issues. I hope they made good progress from the last beta loved the game :)