Guncraft Now on Steam Greenlight, Pre-Order For $10

Earlier this year, Exatogames pitched an idea on Kickstarter for a Minecraft-like FPS game. Combining the imaginative construction elements of Minecraft with the fast-paced action of a modern FPS, Guncraft began its free open beta testing in July. Last month, the team made its way over to PAX and strategically obtained a booth right next to Minecraft.

Guncraft Beta Launch Trailer

In an interview with Joystiq, Guncraft creator John Getty said:

"Our main purpose of getting a booth next to Mojang is to provide an open forum for comparison. We want to show the people exactly how different we are from Minecraft. We've always wanted an avenue to voice our opinions about 'rip-offs' and how we aren't one. Just as Notch borrowed from Infiniminer, we borrowed some of the construction and aesthetic elements of Minecraft and put our own unique spin on them."

"We do also want to talk with Mojang, so that's another reason we are neighbors. I really hope nobody thinks our primary purpose is to mooch off Minecraft, but I'm sure there will be some that do."

Now, the game is on Steam Greenlight, where it has achieved 1% of the necessary positive ratings required to make its way onto the platform. It still has a long way to go for a release on Steam, but you can pre-order the game directly from Exatogames for a limited discount price of $10.


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  • neon871
    sorry I wouldn't pay 10 cents for this game.
  • fightingslu
    Why is this game on Toms over all the other games on Greenlight.
  • john_4
    Looks like Doom 1 or 2 graphics.