Seagate May Be Dishing Out 3 TB HDD This Year

The Register has learned that Seagate will introduce a 3TB HDD sometime within the year. Based on information provided by unnamed sources "familiar with the company's plans," The Register claims that the upcoming storage beast will be part of Seagate's Constellation ES enterprise-class line, and will feature a 6Gbit/s SAS interface.

According to Seagate, the Constellation ES line serves as a replacement for the Barracuda ES series. The largest Constellation ES drive to date is the 3.5-inch 2TB model spinning (round like a record baby) at 7,200rpm.

On the 2.5-inch front, the Constellation ES line maxes out at 500 GB capacity. However Seagate will supposedly release a 1 TB 2.5-inch model in June or sometime thereafter, making it the world's highest-capacity 2.5-inch drive until Toshiba, WD or another manufacturer comes along and takes the crown.

On a related note, The Register also learned that a new Savvio 2.5-inch drive is on the way, building upon the current 10K.4, 10,000rpm drive capacity limit of 600GB. This new HDD may offer a storage capacity of 750GB, however the exact amount is currently unknown.

  • jay236
    By fun you mean porn
  • mr_tuel
    i thought that WD already had a 1TB 2.5"...
  • rtfm
    jay236By fun you mean porn
    and "backed up" (ie stolen) movies :-)
  • Grims
    I bet the SATA cable will cost 70 bucks.
  • hellwig
    All I ever read is that the long term reliability of these bigs drives is not so good. In fact, wasn't there an article on here (or linked from Tom's) that stated that the number of sectors on the disk, and the MTBF (calculated in accesses or something like that) means you can't read the entire disk without encountering an unrecoverable error? I.e. if the drive may encounter one failure every 1 Trillion accesses, well guess what, that drive has 1 trillion bytes on it, so how quickly will it take to reach that failure count?

    I'd like to see a reliability article done by Tom's. Put some of these 1TB and 2TB drives into various 24/7 scenarios and see how long they last without failures. These drives are getting bigger, but are they getting more reliable? 3TB is an awful lot of data to lose if you encounter a file system error and have to reformat.
  • A legend told by their own IT tech says that an average of 1/3 of all the corporate laptops in one famous mobile phone company in Europe stores p0rn. Makes one wonder what those guys are doing during their work hours.

    Maybe instead saving it all on your own laptop they need a torrent server with couple of these new Seagates ;)
  • kelfen
    by fun you mean back up images of your comp save you the headache of losing data
  • figgus
    All I ever read is that the long term reliability of these bigs drives is not so good.
    Not to mention that they are Seagates. You would get better data security scribbling your 0s and 1s in the sand at the beach than you would putting them on a Seagate drive.
  • mindless728
    @figgus give it a break, they had issues with the .11 series, the .12 are fine. Not to mention this is the enterprise drive so expect better quality from it
  • bdcrlsn
    Only problem with these drives is that you won't be able to use them as boot drives thanks to the BIOS 2-terabyte limitation. Some motherboards will work (such as Intel's) thanks to it's limited use of EFI, but most won't.