HP Unveils $170 Android Tablet Slate 7

Global PC market leader Hewlett-Packard has announced a $169 tablet at this year's Mobile World Congress with the Slate 7.

The tablet is powered by a 1.6 GHz dual-core processor and has a 1024 x 600 pixels 7-inch screen, 8 GB of internal storage, as well as a microSD slot for expansion of up to 32 GB.

Running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the Slate 7 offers Beats Audio for improved sound and weighs 13 ounces. A rear 3.15-megapixel camera is included, as is a front-facing VGA snapper. A non-removable battery offers up to five hours of usage.

HP's Slate 7 tablet is currently scheduled for release during April 2013.


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  • halcyon
    Another me-too tablet with a low screen resolution. Being able to discern individual pixels in a screen is not compelling. It probably has a whole 1GB of RAM too. Sheesh. Aren't there enough of the low-end devices already?
  • Anonymous
    I agree. Apple has already demonstrated that people are much more attracted to gorgeous, fluid animations and crisp graphics. Plus I can't understand the fixation with cameras on a device that doesn't fit in your pocket. Camera are fine for phones and... uh... cameras. They could easily remove the rear-camera and make it a higher resolution screen. And even though I understand this is an entry-level product to be sold for people who probably never owned a tablet before, I stand by the fact that the user-experience should be way ahead of any technical specifications. A low-res screen is, flat out, a poor experience.
  • freggo
    What's the point HP ?
    Missed the resolution by...that much... as Maxwell Smart would say.

    1280x720 have any meaning to your engineers and bean counters ?