Report: HP TouchPad to Go on Sale in April

It’s been a few weeks since HP revealed the TouchPad, a 9.7-inch tablet packing WebOS 3.0. Though pricing and availability were not elaborated upon, the company whipped people into a frenzy talking up the tablet and its new version of Palm’s WebOS platform. However, today we learn that the HP TouchPad could come as soon as April.

According to Digitimes, HP is planning an April launch for the 9.7-inch device with shipment deliveries hitting sometime at the end of next month. Citing sources from HP's upstream component partners, DT reports that HP is aiming to ship between 45 and 48 million notebooks and tablets in 2011. Subtracting HP's notebook shipment forecast, it would appear as though HP is projecting 4-5 million units shipped for the TouchPad series.

Still no word on pricing but we’re sure it’ll be in or around the $400-500 mark that’s fast becoming par for the course in the tablet world (barring the Motorola Xoom of course).

  • sudeshc
    thats some exciting news for us and HP, it will define the future of WebOS and HP's decision to buy palm.
  • joytech22
    *Sigh* when will they learn that a "Full web experience" Also means JAVA?!

    One of the MMORPG's I play are in Java, which Android is pretty much based on anyway and it doesn't even support the JRE, which also would run fine on a ARM device considering the specifications that most high-end android devices employ.
  • LordConrad
    Looking forward to getting one of these, assuming they perform well.