HTC One Variant with Windows Phone 8 OS Appears

Following in the footsteps of Samsung and its Galaxy S4 lineup, HTC has now started expanding the One into different directions. The HTC One Google Edition version is already available from the Google Play Store (meaning only stock Android and no HTC Sense firmware), and now the phone will have a version running Windows Phone OS 8. The source has made it clear that the device will not be identical to the One, with an all metal body and a screen size between 4 and 5 inches. 

The phone would also have a full HD screen (1080p) and a quad-core processor courtesy of the GDR3 update, along with Beats audio technology and could even be borrowing an Ultrapixel camera design for its shooter. Expectations place the phone's announcement in the fall with a release later in the year. These specs could well mean that the Windows Phone range could acquire a killer smartphone. Due to the differences between the original, we question if this One plus 8 shouldn't be re-branded as the HTC 9.

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  • codo
    I'm still holding out for that 41mp camera in the new nokia
  • csbeer
    Once bitten, twice shy HTC. I paid mucho $ for a HD7s (when it first hit the AT&T store) hoping that the windows platform would provide a lasting support environment. But alas, there goes HTC dropping support in a year and not providing the 7.8 update. And from what I've read, this is a common behavior experienced by other HTC customers on the Android platform. I just can't fathom how HTC can build brand loyalty by implementing planned obsolesce and hope their customers will buy their next generation phone. Whatever is the opposite of brand loyalty is how I currently feel about HTC.
  • yupkim
    Should Samsung then brand their to 4+8=12? Don't give them any ideas to inflate the brand in such cheap ways to confuse consumers, please. Most if not all marketers look for any excuses to inflate already. At least THW would merit the technologies and functions on merits, I hope.