UK Hotel Rooms to Get LG's Smart TVs

Chances are, if you're reading Tom's, you're familiar with the concept of a smart TV. It seems more and more manufacturers are jumping on the smart TV bandwagon, adding apps and webcam support to their TVs and bringing the internet to customers living rooms. However, LG is taking a different approach and targeting hotels instead of homes.


LG last week announced a couple of new models for its Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TV line, the LT770H and the LT760H. Both sets come preloaded with Smart TV applications, a suite of connectivity options that give guests access to personal content, and an integrated set-top box. They also come with support for HTML5 via WebKit, Java and Flash, so hotels customize the UI to include branded information as well as other features such as remote check-out and room service.

"The latest TVs in LG’s hospitality lineup offer a comprehensive set of features for both hotel guests and hotel operators," said Ki-il Kwon, Vice President and Head of TV Overseas Marketing at LG Home Entertainment Company. "As the world's leading hotel TV innovator, LG has a distinct advantage in terms of being able to help hotel owners reduce total cost of ownership while ensuring a wide range of customization options"

LG says the LT760H will be introduced this week in Germany and the UK followed by additional markets in Europe, CIS, Asia, Middle East and Africa. The LG770H, available in 32-, 37-, 42- and 47-inch class sizes, will be available initially in the United States starting in the fourth quarter.

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  • The-Darkening
    Maybe I'm wrong but... Anyone cares? It looks like an ad for a Smart TV
    The-DarkeningMaybe I'm wrong but... Anyone cares? It looks like an ad for a Smart TV
    Its tech news, don't think it has anything to do with marketing. I would be more concerned about actual implementation. Hotel networks are usually free and without much if any security. I wouldn't trust any data but simple Google searches on these.