Hulu Plus App Now Available on Wii U

Though the Hulu Plus app icon has been on the Wii U menu since launch, owners haven't been able to access it.

Antsy subscribers to the video streaming service will be glad to hear that the Hulu Plus app has officially launched on the Wii U.

According to Hulu, the GamePad controller has been integrated to be part of the video streaming experience. The GamePad can be used as a second screen for watching videos, so that if users are in need of doing something away from the TV, pressing a button on the lower right hand corner of the GamePad screen swaps video playback to the GamePad.

For Wii U owners who don't have Hulu Plus and aren't sure if they want the service for $8/month, Hulu offers a free trial week, hoping that a mere seven days will be enough to entice new customers.

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  • Cash091
    Now I need a WiiU! I already have Hulu on my Xbox, smart TV, phone, wife's tablet, and um... OH YEAH my PC! I like options.../sarcasm