Nvidia CEO's Secret Tablet is 15'' ICD Android

Well ICD is at CES this week and the company had the tablet on hand to show off to attendees. Specs-wise you're looking at a 15-inch display, Nvidia's Tegra processor, boasts full 1080p video playback and runs on Android.

ICD is partnering up with T-Mobile UK to offer this device as a "family hub tablet" designed primarily to sit in the kitchen and offer one-touch access to calendars and the like. The tablet can make calls and will be accessible via anything web enabled, meaning the entire family can connect to it via their cell phones, work computers, PCs or laptops. It also includes a full web browser, on-demand TV, video chat and games.

It's an odd way to market such a beautiful piece of equipment. Granted, without a carrier on board to subsidize such a device, the cost would probably be too high to appeal to a broad audience so perhaps it's necessary to have the "family organizer" angle to keep T-Mobile happy.

Release is set for later this year. No word on a U.S. release.

More on CES 2010.

  • IzzyCraft
    omg it's that picture again, the first one, god he cracks me up
  • christop
    kinda cool
  • darkknight22
    Caption: "Yeah it's 15", that's what's up. Wanna throw down or something? This is MY HOUSE! MY HOUSEEE!"

    You guys put the best pics for these articles and always seem to distract me from the article itself.
  • knutjb
    I'm sure if the product works it will make it's way out of the kitchen. My kids would take it and hide in their rooms with their friends and watch You tube or hulu. What else does it do? Looks like a slick piece of gear.
  • randomizer
    I never really think of Jen-Hsun as a CEO the way he acts and dresses. I picture CEOs as suits, but I've only seen him in a suit once. He looks more like a personal trainer in this pic. :lol:
  • Why not make it actually practical by offering a Windows 7 version?
  • RooD
    I would rather have android. And I will most likely pick this up when it comes to the US.
  • back_by_demand
    I can imagine him breaking into song from Team America

    "I'm so ronery, so ronery"
    Joking aside, looks a pretty sweet device
  • tipoo
    Interesting, that man's armspan looks to be 15 inches.
  • roofus
    Let's all chip in and buy him some clothes. I think he has that shirt on every time I see him in a picture or flash video.