This USB 3.0 Flash Drive Has 2 TB of Storage

During Display Taiwan, Transcend and Taiwan's ITRI displayed a finger-long USB stick that reportedly offers 2 TB of storage. That's no typo. It somehow holds up to 2 terabytes worth of information.

So far neither company has released anything official in regards to specs or a simple introduction, nor does the high-capacity USB 3.0 stick appear on Display Taiwan's website. But as seen in the video below, the "Thin Card" thumb drive is even smaller than a thumb, measuring slightly thicker than a penny. It offers a minimum of 16 GB and a maximum of 2 TB.

According to the rep, the USB stick hasn't become available thus far because an international standard for USB 3.0 has yet to be set. That said, ITRI and Transcend won't push the tech onto the market until USB gives the international green light on v3.0.

The ITRI, or Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute, is a national research organization with a mission of "conducting technological research, promoting industrial development, creating economic value and improving social welfare for Taiwan." That said, the drive is expected to arrive in Taiwan first, and then other territories shortly thereafter.

So how much will a 2 TB USB 3.0 thumb drive cost?

2TB USB Slightly Thicker Than A Penny

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  • mrmoo500
    Makes you wonder why ssd's and HDD's have such low storage capacities.
  • soccerdocks
    On the video it says "Actually the one that we looked at on display was only 16GB but the technology behind that particular 16GB stick is capable of scaling to 2 Terabytes." In other words they'll have to wait years for smaller manufacturing processes to occur before a 2 TB drive is made.
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  • mrmoo500
    Makes you wonder why ssd's and HDD's have such low storage capacities.
  • Hellbound
    Nice, but I wonder how much..
  • burnley14
    An arm, a leg, and a kidney. But worth it.