HP Reveals Long-Awaited Revamp of Integrity Line

As promised, HP revealed on Tuesday long-awaited changes to its Integrity line of Itanium-based servers. During an HP event held in Germany, the company revealed three new Integrity blades systems that feature Intel's quad-core Itanium 9300 (Tukwila) processors. It also introduced its rackmount server called Superdome 2, the first big upgrade to the Superdome line since its launch almost ten years ago.

According to PCWorld, the Superdome 2 is moving out of its old clunky cabinet and into a deluxe Blade Scale architecture, allowing it to be crammed into a standard server rack using HP's 7000-series blade chassis. HP said that customers will be able to utilize the same tools used on other blade systems including Virtual Connect and Onboard Administrator.

"We're bringing the mission critical capabilities of the Integrity portfolio into our converged infrastructure environment," said Lorraine Bartlett, vice president of marketing for HP's mission-critical systems. The company also said that Integrity's new "blade" theme allows customers to manage Integrity, ProLiant, and StorageWorks blades side by side in the same enclosure.

On Tuesday the company also introduced an HP-UX version of BladeSystem Matrix for the Integrity blades which automatically provisions servers, storage, and networking. HP-UX will also receive an update that includes Insight Dynamics, better power management features, and better virtualization.

To learn more about HP's revamped Integrity line, head here.

  • ethanolson
    It blows me away how many Integrity systems HP sells. There's nothing like guarenteed uptime, eh?
  • sublifer
    Itanium garbage... useless except for very few cases.
  • NapoleonDK
    FACT: Itanium cannot play Crysis. *insert bad joke noise here*
  • spoofedpacket
    subliferItanium garbage... useless except for very few cases.
    Which is why they dominate the sector they are intended for?
  • Power7 is the clear winner. Itanium = blah! That's why I left HP!!!
  • odin-the-wanderer
    -> Which is why they dominate the sector they are intended for?

    That depends totally on how you define the sector.
    - IBM is the world's largest server company (in revenues), not HP.
    - Intel sells more non-Itanium than Itanium-processors