Intel Introduces New Atom SoC for Set-Top Boxes

On Tuesday Intel revealed the 4th-generation Atom CE5300 "Berryville" Media Processor, a 32-nm SoC focused on the next-generation set-top boxes and media gateways. The chip promises better performance, graphics, power management and user interface improvements so that service providers in turn can dish out a more comprehensive and immersive connected experience to the end-user. One such device already available is the Amino Freedom Live media gateway which can deliver content seamlessly to TVs, smartphones and tablets around the home.

"Imagine not crowding around a PC to video chat. Instead, this new chip from Intel will enable you to video conference with friends and family from your big screen TV in the living room," writes Marcia Hansen of Intel's InsideScoop. "You’ll be able to show your girlfriends your new dance moves without having to worry about getting your laptop camera aimed properly. Also imagine a great new 3D user interface and console-level graphics for gaming with this high performance chip in set-top boxes."

The new chip features dual Atom cores with support for hyperthreading and virtualization, an advanced 3D/2D graphics engine, integrated power management, and an H.264 B-picture hardware encoder. The chip is expected to pave the way for additional services provided by the likes of Comcast and Time Warner like streaming games, home security, IT/help desk, and home automation.

"It’s the brains in a set-top box that seamlessly combines the Internet with TV," Hansen writes. "It means that Intel and service providers are all working to bring you an easy-to-use interface, 3D graphics capabilities, improved search, and of course, downloadable apps and games for your various digital TVs."

Previously Intel helped produce the chipset found in the first generation of Google TV products as well as Boxee Box by D-Link. But the company shuttered its Digital Home Group after Google TV failed to attract attention, and thus launched its Service Provider Division (SPD) to provide solutions for Telcos, Cable Multi-service Operators and Satellite providers. Current customers include Comcast, Free, Liberty Global/UPC, Bouygues Telecom, Numericable and Telecom Italia.

  • captaincharisma
    i know one thing. it will be a better CPU than any of the ones moto puts in its TV boxes right now
  • fancarolina
    It doesn't take much to beat the cable boxes offered by Time Warner.

    Explorer 8300
    •Memory: 54 MB
    •CPU/Bus : 2 CPU at 250MHz on a 133MHz bus
    •Hard drive: 80 GB

    Explorer 8300HD
    •Memory: 54 MB
    •CPU/Bus : 2 CPU at 250MHz on a 133MHz bus
    •Hard drive: 160 GB
  • noobalert
    I just want the Cable Monopoly to end! I would love Time Warner over my current local, ATMC those guys are a joke!
  • NivenFres
    I find this funny, because I do almost all of that now with a Dual Core Atom Processor with nVidia's ION2 for graphics (except the 3d).
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    console-level graphics for gaming

    *yawn* that's nothing exciting, you know.

  • joytech22
    an advanced 3D/2D graphics engine
    Intel, here's a tip.
    Don't EVER try to sell yourself on graphics.

    Thank you.
  • southernshark
    It all sounds "ok" until you realize that Intel expects to be able to sell these for 400-500 apiece.
  • omega21xx
    amk-aka-Phantom*yawn* that's nothing exciting, you know.I thought the best part is they said "console level graphics" when talking about an Atom CPU :lol:
    yeah, console graphics is not very impressive, but I doubt that Atom CPU can do anything worth while graphically for gaming. Google TV's use atom and the only gaming you can get out of it would be from On Live and that's a whole different thing in itself.
  • eddieroolz
    The opportunity to video conference on a big screen is very alluring.
  • lamorpa
    noobalertI just want the Cable Monopoly to end! I would love Time Warner over my current local, ATMC those guys are a joke!Where did you mean to post this totally irrelevant comment?