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Intel's JBOD2000 is for Data Centre and Enterprise Storage

Intel's Enterprise Platforms and Services Division (EPSD) has announced the somewhat awkwardly named JBOD2000 Storage System to "meet the need for expandable storage in the enterprise and data centres." The JBOD200 has a 2U form factor and supports up to 48 TB of storage capacity through 12 3.5" drives or 24 2.5" drives with options for single or multi-cable connectivity, redundant fans and power supply units.

The unit has 16 external 6 GB/s SAS ports and offers "seamless integration" with Intel Server Systems whereby pairing the unit with an Intel's RS25SB008 RAID controller and at least one Intel SSD will provide "additional performance benefits" via Intel's SSD Cache Technology. Additionally, this combination will also allow it to act as a virtual RBOD (RAID Bunch of Disks) or serve multiple servers with the onboard SAS switch.

For more information on the Intel JBOD2000 Storage System and other EPSD products, visit the unit's press release or the Intel Server Products website.

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