The Intel ''San Diego'' Medfield Phone Gets Benchmarked

Earlier today Intel and Orange announced that Europe's first Intel Medfield phone would be arriving in the United Kingdom next week, on June 6. Priced at £200 on an off-contract Pay As You Go basis, the San Diego is pretty cheap considering we live in a world where smartphones regularly cost upwards of five hundred big ones. However, the value of this device will also depend on how it stacks up against the competition.


Lucky for us (or anyone considering putting money down to buy one), the phone has already been benchmarked, so now we know exactly how the phone fares when it goes toe-to-toe with the competition. The guys over at Engadget put the San Diego through its paces with six different benchmarking tools, and compared the phone's performance to that of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Motorola Droid RAZR.

Not surprisingly, the San Diego didn't quite match up to Samsung's just released (and in a lot of places not yet released) flagship phone but it did come close to the GS III when it came to the SunSpider browser test. So how did Motorola do? It seems the dual-core RAZR was a better match for Medfield than the quad-core Exynos that powers the Galaxy S III. Engadget reports that the San Diego beat the RAZR in several tests.

Click through to Engadget for the complete story on benchmarking Intel's new baby.

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  • huron
    Interesting to see how well they've done (especially in Browser) against pretty quality phones. I had thought Intel completely missed the SoC market, but apparently they are not.
  • outlw6669
    Not bad at all... assuming battery life is there that is...
  • K2N hater
    Why Android? This would be a perfect use for Win8.