Intel's Next Unit of Computing Rivals Raspberry Pi in Size

Over the last few months, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has generated quite a few headlines thanks to its diminutive single-board computer Raspberry Pi. However, it looks like Intel is keen to grab some of the attention for its own tiny offering. This week, Intel is showing off something it likes to call 'NUC' or Next Unit Computing.

The platform measures just 4x4 inches, which is not quite as small as Raspberry Pi, but still noticeably smaller than a 6.7- x 6.7-inch mini-ITX system and similar in size to the Pico-ITX from VIA. It boasts an Intel Core family processor socket (Core i3/i5), two RAM SO-DIMM slots, two mini PCIe slots, support for HDMI, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The platform is intended for use in signs and kiosks but we're betting it'll show up elsewhere, too.

Of course, the biggest attraction with Raspberry Pi is its $35 price tag, and though Intel hasn't mentioned much about pricing for the NUC, we're going to go out on a limb and assume it won't be as cheap and cheerful as Raspberry Pi. Then again, as ExtremeTech points out, the NUC has Raspberry Pi beat when it comes to processing power, even if it is more expensive and slightly chunkier, and it can also run Windows 7.

ET cites Fred Birang, senior product marketing engineer at Intel, as saying NUC is set for release in the second half of this year so well keep you posted on this one and update when we know more.

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Image via ExtremeTech

  • nieur
    if all the above mentioned stuff comes around $100-150 I am going to grab one
  • ojas
    Intel's poking its nose everywhere...
  • rebel1280
    ojasIntel's poking its nose everywhere...Good, I wish AMD did too. Why not? Why is it a bad thing? Competition is good and quite frankly, with intels R&D its going to be downright awesome.
  • jayracer7474
    .....and it cost $600
  • ojas
    rebel1280Good, I wish AMD did too. Why not? Why is it a bad thing? Competition is good and quite frankly, with intels R&D its going to be downright awesome.Nah not a bad thing, really, just a bit funny, in a good and slightly scary way. Don't get me wrong, i like Intel a lot, but i just get this image of this huge thing gobbling up everything :D

    And heck, i think an i5 on this thing will be be great for AES256 encryption on a NAS device.
  • The most interesting things about rasberry pi are its size and its price. This thing is way too large to compete in the same area.
  • Cazalan
    They would have to use the Atom to get close to the $35 price tag.
  • Parsian
    sweet i can now use this for my laptop hardware upgrade project :)
  • blazorthon
    Why doesn't Intel make a Medfield device to compete with the Raspberry Pi? If Intel does it right, the could have a huge win in performance against the Pi without having a larger size than the Pi and price it accordingly. It could even still run Windows and other x86 operating systems. Now I'm not really interested in buying anything like this be it the Pi or something similar to the PI, but it would be interesting to read about.
  • glenricky
    Intel Ivy Bridge killing All AMD
    Intel HD4000 killing lower-end discrete graphic from Nvidia and AMD
    Intel Medfield killing ARM
    Intel NUC killing Raspberry Pi

    What else?
    Maybe SSD and Motherboard soon

    Intel Everywhere