Intel Says Nehalem On Track


First, we learned that Centrino 2 is delayed (confirmed), then it we heard that Nehalem may slip as well. American Technology Research analyst Doug Freedman, who was first to highlight the Centrino 2 delay,

Intel spokesperson Nick Knupffer told TG Daily that there have been no changes to the company’s plans regarding Nehalem’s production schedule. While the company did not comment on Freedman’s remarks directly, Knupffer said that the "long stated position has been production in Q4 08 and [Intel is] on track for that."

  • gabriel_doru
    please fix link ;)
  • sublifer
    Stated that they will have production in Q4 08 but does not say production in any quantity and also note that production does not equal release/shipping. I wouldn't expect any Nehalem before June 09 shy of maybe a few hard to get extreme models.