Intel Short Movie Shows Horrors of HDDs

Still, Intel wants you to know about the dangers of storing all of your precious memories on a rickety, old HDD. The following short film was made by Intel and is aimed at those who are waiting "just a little longer." Surprisingly, Intel managed to keep away from the slapstick genre as well as the "let’s see how much it takes to destroy this drive, just for fun" genre (though that's got its moments, too).

Check out the surprisingly touching video below.

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  • Anonymous
    So I sat through the whole video..... I don't get it. In fact, if I stumbled across this vid, without the Tom's article to preface it, I would have had no clue as to what it was all about.
  • nukemaster
    give me 2000gigs(hell i'd take 1000) for under $100 and we will talk, until then, files on hard drive and OS+games on SSD.

    Do not get me wrong SSD's are great, but for general file storage, not so great.
  • PudgyChicken
    Pfft... I've had drives sustain far more damage than that and still be functional. And only being able to recover a couple of images and a video? Jeez, that dude's an amateur. Oh and I was confused by the 2nd-gen Core iX processor box next to an Apple laptop... Unless apple started selling DIY kits, he wouldn't have that...