Intel Launches Scavenger Hunt for iPhone Users

Scavenger hunts are tons of fun, but there aren't nearly enough of them once you outgrow the bouncy-castle-in-the-back-garden type of parties. Looking to reignite our love affair with party games that went out of fashion when we discovered the opposite sex, Intel has launched a scavenger hunt that offers smartphone users the chance to win prizes from the chip giant by taking pictures of Intel ads.

Intel has hidden points inside certain Intel advertisements. These points can be uncovered by using the Intel in Sight iPhone app, which utilizes the device's camera and gives you hints on where to look for your next batch of points. The person who racks up the most points will win a Core i5 laptop, while runners-up prizes include Best Buy gift cards in $250, $100, and $25 increments.

Though Intel only provided a link to the iPhone application, the company says people can use either the iPhone app or "a camera enabled mobile device," to take pictures. However, no information was provided for those who want to play without an iPhone, other than to text "Core" to 6174604517 to get started.

The contest is running from September through to the end of November. Click here to download the application.

  • plznote
    I'll be on the lookout for one of these!
  • popatim
    AMD should do something simular for Droid users, at least we can take a pic and email at the same time. LoL
  • creamyg31337
    maybe they should get back to work on MeeGo
  • erloas
    I was hoping it would be another attempt at mocking Apple users. Make a scavenger hunt that required them to visit and find a lot of things on Flash based sites or something like that. I suppose it doesn't do Intel any good to do that, but maybe Google could do that, using free stuff to point out to all iPhone users just what their device can't do.
  • mayne92
    I'll pass...
  • sabot00
    The hardest thing to find in that Scavenger Hunt for iPhone users?
  • dEAne
    hu hu I can't join.
  • webbwbb
    I like that they decided to do it with a full number and not a short code. Unfortunately my carrier makes you pay extra for short codes.
  • bsbsbsbs
    Sounds pretty gay if you ask me.
  • Gin Fushicho
    Youtube, infinite points. fail. I can't afford an iPhone anyway, people who have an iPhone should be able to afford a Corei5