IE Hater Convinced IE "Sucks Less" in New Microsoft Video

Over the years, Microsoft has gotten a lot of stick for Internet Explorer. Older versions of the browser have proved inferior to competitors in the web browser space. However, Internet Explorer isn't the same browser it was five years ago and Microsoft is eager to prove that IE can go toe-to-toe with the best of them.

In its latest commercial, the company hits out at those that constantly state, "IE sucks!" online. We're shown one particular guy who projects his dislike for Internet Explorer across several mediums, including reviews, Facebook posts, and Twitter. In the end, he is convinced (by the IE Twitter account, no less!) that Internet Explorer isn't so bad after all.

While Internet Explorer retains a large portion of the worldwide browser market (over 32 percent, according to StatCounter), the browser is slipping. It lost the top spot to Chrome in May of this year and has so far been unable to make up the ground it lost. In the United States, it remains top dog, with 41.44 percent, while Chrome is still a distant second at 23.82 percent. However, it's 41.44 percent in October 2012 is down from 50.66 percent in November last year. Redmond is obviously hoping this ad campaign will help make IE 'cool' again. The company has even registered, which is filled with pro-Internet Explorer 10 reviews, Tweets and links. 

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  • spentshells
    LOL sucks less nice call though
  • koga73
    The issue isnt whether the new version IE is better than older versions... of course it is.

    The issue is that Microsoft decided to use DirectX for hardware acceleration in IE. Then Microsoft decides its not going to make DX10 available in Windows XP. Since IE9 relies on DX10, Windows XP is stuck with IE8. IE8 doesn't support HTML5 or CSS3 therefore as long as Windows XP is around web developers like myself can't use new HTML5 and CSS3 features because we have to support IE8.

    It seems Microsoft is creating this same problem again by forcing users to upgrade to Wnidows 8 if they want the new version of Direct X... and consequently future versions of IE.

    Microsoft is actively slowing down the overall progress of web development and the internet.
  • pacomac
    Nice self deprecating video! Still sucks!
  • Other Comments
  • ssd_pro
    This is a really clever video and so true of many "haters" and their obsessive ignorant hate posts.
  • spentshells
    LOL sucks less nice call though
  • Yuka
    IE9 was a good thing, actually. Didn't break so many pages as I would normally expect ;D

    Still sucks though, MS. Abide by world standards and stop pushing your crappy APIs so it actually sucks less as your add shows.


    EDIT: Typo