Tom's Guide: 10 Desktop Apps for Recording Internet Radio

The internet has changed the way we consume radio content. Still, just because we're not listening on an old AM/FM radio sitting on the desk beside us, that doesn't mean we're not listening at all. In fact, thanks to the web, we can listen to many more stations from all around the world. The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of desktop apps for internet radio. Be sure to check out '10 Desktop Apps for Recording Internet Radio' for the full list.

Has the internet killed the radio station? Not so fast! Internet radio is a burgeoning medium that allows users to listen to various stations from across the world, streaming live music and talk shows to an international audience. Of course, the app you use to listen to and record music and talk shows can make a big difference.So, what are we looking for in our ideal internet radio recorder? Some sort of internet radio station browser or management feature (preferably with a few stations already included), a built-in media player (so you don't have to have multiple programs running simultaneously), and, finally, the ability to schedule an automatic recording to ensure you never miss your favorite radio program. Read on for our recommendations!10 Desktop Apps for Recording Internet Radio

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  • ward99
    My fav to record internet radio has always been StationRipper - been using it for around 10 years! :)