Commodore Tackles Eee Keyboard with Invictus

One of the stranger things to hit the internet this week is news of an Asus Eee Keyboard clone manufactured by long-standing company Commodore. Called the Invictus, the device is frighteningly too similar to the Asus product, sporting a similar LCD mounted on the right. The only difference seems to be the device's outer hull, offering a sleeker, less-bulky appearance.

Although details are scarce, the device supposedly features a Nvidia Ion chipset and a 5.5-hour battery life. Additionally, the Invictus will use an Atom processor, offer wireless HDMI, and will also come in silver when the product becomes available on the market. The LCD screen will even remain on when the external video is running.

Currently there's no word on an actual OS, however it's speculated that the device may come packed with a built-in Commodore 64 and/or Amiga emulator. There was also mention that it may come with AROS as a standard boot option. Unfortunately, solid specs aren't available, and there's no indication of final pricing or ship dates.

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  • Anonymous
    and yet the writer is calling this the clone? seems to me commodore was the orginal
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  • nforce4max
    Blast from the past, at least they didn't call it the Commodore 256.
  • megahustler
    This should be beige with black keys, no screen, a pretty big Commodore logo - and where's the tape-drive?
  • dEAne
    pretty little things to put on the corners.