Revisiting Your Childhood: Jagex Making Runescape 3

Many a gamer began their MMO careers in their pre-teens (maybe younger, maybe older) playing the browser-based MMO Runescape. Most have, since then, grown out of the game, or simply got tired of grinding to just about level anything. However, even after all these years, Runescape continues to be popular.

Jagex is now working on Runescape 3. Much like Runescape 2, which really was more of a complete re-do than a sequel, Runescape 3 will be yet another revamp of the game… meaning players will still be able to log on using their old log-in details. The game's graphics will be massively improved upon, and the game will hopefully run better, as they game will be re-scripted in HTML5 and utilize WebGL. For those who are a few years behind on tech, the old Java client will remain available.

Other improvements include better draw distance, a fully customizable UI, an upgraded camera, and a new, fully-orchestrated soundtrack.

Runescape 3 will be touching down sometime this summer. If you've been curious about revisiting the Runescape of your childhood, now might be a good time. 

Here's the announcement video containing all the info you need to know about the new and improved Runescape:

Behind the Scenes - The Bonus Edition!

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  • -Jackson
    Kinda surprised I saw an article about RS on Toms..
    This game is a dying franchise.
  • buckcm
    And the botting continues.
  • joytech22
    -JacksonKinda surprised I saw an article about RS on Toms..This game is a dying franchise.

    You'd be surprised. It's remained very constant in regards to the amount of players still active.

    buckcmAnd the botting continues.

    Botting has been virtually eradicated - Jagex unlike many other MMO creators actually made it a priority. They constantly improve their system too.

    Back on-topic, can't wait. They've kept the game going for 10+ years with constant content updates.
    Perhaps I'll become active again when RS 3 comes around.