HUGE Ereader Packs Two 14.1-inch LCDs

Unfortunately, the device was axed and it looks like it may never see the light of day. However, that doesn't mean we won't see other products that mimic the design. Though it's not quite as slick as the Courier, Kno debuted its digital textbook at D8 yesterday and we're kind of impressed in an, "Oh my God, it's MASSIVE!" kind of way.

With two 14.1-inch displays, this is a big and cumbersome device. However, if you can see past the fact that it would be pretty difficult to use without a stand, it's kind of neat and the specs aren't that bad either. It packs Nvidia's Tegra 2 chipset, 16GB of storage and a battery that lasts between six and eight hours. Unfortunately, the price is where this falls down. Kno is asking for "under $1000," and right now, we just can't see people spending that much money on a 'digital textbook.' Sure, textbooks are crazy expensive and they weigh a lot more than 5.5 pounds but there are other, cheaper solutions already on the market. And imagine having to replace it if it broke? Yikes.

Read/see more on Engadget.

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  • jaysbob
    2x the screens, 1/2 the convenience!
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  • idisarmu
    It's a bit too big. 2x10" might be a bit better.
  • jaysbob
    2x the screens, 1/2 the convenience!
  • Parsian
    yeah it is kind of inconvenience