LG Optimus G2 Headed for United Kingdom?

With mobile technology evolving at the speed that it is, a lot of companies are releasing new iterations of tried and true phones each year. Apple is the big one, but also Google with its Nexus line, Samsung with the Galaxy S line, and many others. LG is apparently hoping to release a brand new Optimus G, the Optimus G2, later this year, and according to the latest rumors, it's hitting the UK in Q3.

Pocket-lint cites LG itself in reporting that that the Optimus G2 will hit the United Kingdom later this year, though the site has little information on what we can expect under the hood. Still, word straight from the horse's mouth is nothing to sniff at, is it? What is interesting is that the UK never actually got the original Optimus G. What's not clear is if LG ever plans to launch the Optimus G in the UK or if it intends to go straight to the G2. Even if the company does go straight to the G2, Samsung and its GS4 still have a pretty big heard start. The S4 is set to land in the United Kingdom (and the United States) next week. Will people wait until Q3 for the Optimus G2? The new iPhone will likely also be out long befor then, so there's that to consider as well.

Last we heard, the LG Optimus G2 was expected to sport a full 1080p HD 5-inch display, but that was back in January, so a lot could have changed since then. Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted.

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