LG's Optimus L Series Sells 15 Million Units

LG has confirmed that its Optimus L series has sold over 15 million units since its debut at the Mobile World Congress last year.

The South Korean manufacturer's L series, which represents the mid-range of its smartphone slates (L3, L5, L7 and L9), has been selling one unit every second over the past two months. It reached the 10 million mark in December 2012.

LG recently announced the L Series II lineup, which includes Optimus L7 II, Optimus L5 II and Optimus L3 II. The new line "embodies the beauty of the first L Series but with a more refined touch." The devices will incorporate four new design elements: Seamless Layout, Laser Cut Contour, Radiant Rear Design, and Smart LED Lighting placed on the home button.

It will officially announce all three devices during this year's Mobile World Congress (February 25 to February 28) and lately teased "unlimited possibilities" for the event.

“The success of the Optimus L Series is testament to our belief all along that there is indeed a market for well-balanced smartphones that represent individuals’ unique tastes,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG’s mobile division. “The new Optimus L SeriesII expands upon the design philosophy of the original series so we’re quite confident that we’ll have another hit on our hands.” LG expects to sell 75 million units this year, of which 45 million will be smartphones.

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  • bak0n
    Apparently 15 million people don't know about LG not supporting device post sale. (see how many phones they've said they'd upgrade and didn't).