LG Planning Multiple Windows Phone 8 Smartphones

According to a partner company, Korean smartphone manufacturer LG is planning a number of Windows Phone 8 handsets.

An executive from one of LG's local partner firms confirmed the news to the Korea Times. It comes after reports suggested that LG plans to ship 75 million handsets this year, which would represent a considerable increase from the 45 million it shipped in 2012.

It's been a few years since LG launched a smartphone housing Microsoft's mobile operating system. During 2010, the firm released its LG Optimus 7 phone, pictured on the right.

LG, which recently denied its involvement in the rumored Google Nexus 5 smartphone, is expected to reveal a 5.5-inch, quad-core device during the Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona. It's believed to be the unannounced follow up to the Optimus, which is expected to make its debut during fall, 2013.

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  • DjEaZy
    ... what a waste...
    DjEaZy... what a waste...Well, now it probably is. The technology isn't where it needs to be, yet. While I do like the principal of the Atrix phone (snaps in the back of a lapdock), I'd like to see that on a Windows phone as well or have a similar docking solution for your desktop or other laptops. My mind is set on a technology that we don't quite have yet. That is, a mobile phone that can run (something like) Crysis 3 with a bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse, displayed on any HDMI monitor, on Ultra HD settings. That said, I can see storage becoming a problem, and I don't think the idea of the "Cloud" is quite there yet.

    If only the SteamBox SHELD, Windows PC and a SmartPhone could get married.
  • susyque747
    The title should read, "LG planning multiple failures"
  • mariusmotea
    So far Samsung, Sony, Nokia, LG and BlackBerry expect a considerable increase of smartfone sells. The problem is that the number of people in the planet will be almost the same and i will never carry two smartphones in my poket.
  • darkavenger123
    Speaking of Windows Phone...a colleague just got his hands on a Lumia 820....the other day, it was the boss birthday and he is suppose to take video with his spanky new phone....guess what....it HANGS!!!!

    The poor bastard got everyone laughing at him about BSOD and whether he need to add more RAM or upgrade the CPU.

    Poor guy. He's the only person with a Windows Phone in the office btw....LOL.
  • lradunovic77
    I bought LG Windows 7 Phone and that was the biggest waste of money ever. Not sure what is worse LG Phone or Windows Phone OS itself.
  • koss64
    Man such hate on this board,yall arent planning on on buying anything LG so why wretch here? What, all the cool kids are doing it?

    I bought a cheap LG Quantum when the Dell Venue Pro I had got its OLED screen cracked after dropping once,in a Otterbox case but I digress. The phone does what I need and is quick ,I hope that one of the phones they come out with comes with a keyboard,I dont plan on upgrading to windows phone 8 ever without a phone that has one.
  • lpedraja2002
    The only LG product I currently own is an LG Optimus 7 and it has served me well and withstood a coupe of falls without damage.
  • Kami3k
    Doing this is a waste, if you don't think it's a waste then explain Nokia being in more and more financial trouble since making just WP8 phones....

    Samsung is doing great.
  • 016ive
    I don't think many will want a windows phone after the improvements in Android. Android rocks!