Left 4 Dead Fan Trailer Promises Massive Zombie Carnage

Fan-made films almost always turn out to be incredible pieces of work. Without the Hollywood budget and production crew, all there is to create the perfect fan-made film is an undying devotion to the project. Take for example the fan-made Portal film we caught a glimpse of a couple of months ago that left us all dying to see more.

Although this is just a teaser for a possible full length Left 4 Dead fan-film, the production quality looks spot on. It may not have had the budget of films such as the Resident Evil series or television shows such as The Walking Dead, but this fan-made teaser is able to capture the gruesome Left 4 Dead world perfectly. 

Created and produced by N5 Entertainment, this teaser has certainly left us craving for more zombie carnage. Let's just hope its director Adrian Picardi and producer Eric Ro move forward to create a full length film. If the quality for the film is anywhere close to as great as its trailer, N5 could have a huge success on their hands.

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  • Anonymous
    now make the movie,...
  • jvc21
    Well done! Can't wait to see more!! :D
  • iLLz
    OMG, this has soooo much potential. My son is such a fan of the L4D series and he can't wait to see this.