Hollywood, This is How You Make a Game-Based Movie

Maybe instead of allowing Hollywood studios to take control of game-related IPs, chew them up, and spit them back out in big steaming piles of garbage, perhaps game publishers should turn to actual fans to make movies based on their popular titles. Take the recently-released Portal: No Escape as a good example: it may only be seven minutes long, but those seven minutes are way better than a few agonizing hours some unnamed game-based movies have forced us to endure.

Portal: No Escape stars Danielle Rayne as the female protagonist, and was made by Dan Trachtenberg, a 30-year-old commercial director and co-host of the pop-culture video podcast The Totally Rad Show. According to Trachtenberg, the filming was actually completed long before Portal 2 was even announced: around one and a half years ago. It took this long just to assemble a visual-effects team and finish post-production.

So far the unofficial Portal mini-movie has been viewed 921,646 times since it was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday. Heck, even best-selling author William Gibson called it "brilliant."

  • memadmax
    NICE vid.
  • captainnemojr
    That was awesome. I'm still waiting for a Zelda or Half-Life movie to come out.
  • bustapr
    fk awesome. Really did justice to Portal, needs a bigger movie, with the same actress.
  • alidan
    cant tell what i want more, between more of this and the zelda trailer.
  • cobra5000
    Very cool. That was way better than the Resident Evil crap that keeps coming out.
  • phraun
    That was pretty awesome. Also, the video is accumulating views at a mind boggling pace. o.O
  • dkant1n
    Valve can make good movies: Half-Life, Portal, Left4Dead and why not a 3d animated Team Fortress.

    Still waiting for that Warcraft and Zelda movies
  • Nnymrod
    agreed. cool vid. make one 18 times longer?
  • christop
    Kick ass!!!!!
  • fatkid35
    crazy skilz! that was great.