Intel's Got a Special Event Planned for Tomorrow

Yesterday evening Intel released a statement to the media indicating that it would be hold hold a press briefing in San Francisco on Thursday to discuss a new technology that is about to appear on the market. Thursday will also reportedly play host to a technology and product demonstration event at Intel’s Santa Clara campus.

Of course, this little piece of news hasn’t slipped by those monitoring the Apple rumor mill religiously and many see it as yet another sign that Apple’s new, Light Peak-equipped MBPs will be announced tomorrow. Adding fuel to the fire is an Engadget posting that points to a purported spec-sheet for the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The bit that’s garnering the most attention is the mention of highspeed I/O technology dubbed Thunderbolt. Of course, there’s nothing to suggest that this ‘Thunderbolt’ feature is an implementation of Light Peak, but it kind of makes sense. Either way, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

  • g00fysmiley
    thunder bolt... wasn't that a disney/pizar movie?
  • mister g
    They could go ahead and release their new technology, but I bet it'll be more expensive then it's worth (at least in my opinion most of the time).
  • JMcEntegart
    g00fysmileythunder bolt... wasn't that a disney/pizar movie?
    And a phone...
  • JohnnyLucky
    I don't have any personal use for such a small device.

    I hope somebody manages to obtain more information about the Intel 510 series solid state drives that are due to be released on March 1st.
  • geekapproved
    Wow this is life changing information.
  • noblerabbit
    GeekApprovedWow this is life changing information.still under NDA / embargo, however, they will be more $$/GB than Gen2 drives. Still worth getting one, as I will put my old Gen2 into my PS3.
  • DXRick
    GeekApprovedWow this is life changing information.
    I felt nothing. Maybe I have a conflict somewhere....
  • wildcatherder
    So, you're saying there's no story today but there will be a story tomorrow?
  • truehighroller
    Agreed DX who cares if a company that locks everything down and hates Open Source comes out with a new technology before everyone else because they paid money to have rights to it first on the market so they can line their pockets with more money.

    Especially during such hard times money wise for everyone who isn't the top 1% in the world with all the money lol.
  • mikem_90
    Maybe Lightpeak will take over from firewire, if the technology lends itself to video production as well.