MSI's Toast PC Doesn't Do Your Bread is reporting from CeBIT 2010 that MSI is showcasing a nettop PC that looks like a toaster. Although no real specs were provided, the company is actually calling this mini-rig the MSI Toast PC, taking full advantage of its bread-burning appearance.

Outside its unique design, the nettop provides a DVD insert slot at the top much like the way a toaster loads bead. The company has also integrated a remote control into the design, allowing the user to snap it into the side without disrupting the overall Toaster appearance.

MSI's CeBIT 2010 display stated that the Toast PC can serve as an "elegant decoration" as well as a functional PC. It can also integrate into your kitchen layout thanks to its ultra-thin body (think one slice). However, the company also clearly stated that consumers should refrain from inserting bread.

nDevil has additional pictures which can be found here.


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  • N.Broekhuijsen
    I get the feeling even Tom's isn't taking this product seriously!
  • mianmian
    We got a Toaster PC. Where is the butter keyboard?
  • babybeluga
    mianmianWe got a Toaster PC. Where is the butter keyboard?

    Everything looks good "butter" keys?