The Cell Phone Watch is Here

Cellular phones have gotten smaller and smaller – that’s what people want. However, the handling doesn’t necessarily get better with decreasing dimensions. One area of improvement is the general application, as a communications device such as a cell phone doesn’t have to be a physical phone. You could also put it around your wrist.

The Hong Kong based OEM manufacturer Man Power Hi-Tech Limited and Marble Watch Manufacturing had only a tiny booth, but they demoed the latest version of the Cell Phone Watch. The model MP2008B is based on an operating system its makers weren’t able to specify any further. It is based on a 1.8” TFT touch screen display, supports the three key GSM bands at 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz, comes with Java, WAP, a MP3 player and even MPEG4 video playback. We couldn’t try that one as there was no video file on the demo watch.

The Cell Phone Watch works like a regular cell phone, which means that it also supports SMS and MMS, has a file manager, comes with a voice recorder, and even displays JPEG images if you want.

Since no one would want to hold the Cell Phone Watch to your ear to make a phone call, Bluetooth 2.0 obviously is the way to go. According to the manufacturer, the Cell Phone Watch can connect to the vast majority of Bluetooth headsets. If you don’t have a Bluetooth headset at handy you may also use the integrated speaker and microphone.

It weighs 85 g if you select a plastic version with a rubber band, or it comes at 120 g in the metal case version. USB 2.0 is used to transfer data from and to the Cell Phone Watch.

  • lx_flier
    lol very nerdy
  • I've had a calculator watch for the past 13 years; I passed up the "TV Remote" watch and the "Camera" watch...this is what I have been waiting for. Dick Tracy, eat your heart out.
  • To look insane, please yell into watch... Otherwise, please hold for the next available representative.
  • enforcer22
    i loved my remote watch in school when they would be showing movies on the vcr :o