Mass Effect 2 Next Year, Says BioWare

BioWare and EA said earlier today that Mass Effect 2 won't hit store shelves until next year. In the meantime, retailers across North America and Europe are offering pre-order incentives by providing codes for downloading special items such as special-ops armor and weaponry for Commander Shepard. These items will be usable when the game is eventually released.

According to GameStop, consumers who pre-order Mass Effect 2 will get Terminus Gear which includes the Terminus Assault Armor and the M-490 Blackstorm Heavy Weapon. BioWare's press release stated that the armor increases run speed and personal shields. It also augments weapons with an additional magazine of reserve ammo. The weapon, on the other hand, generates a cool high-powered localized gravity well.

Other retail outlets will supply the "potent" Inferno Armor, providing an increase in run speed and augmented damage from combat powers. BioWare said that this armor is typically used by officers to monitor battlefield conditions, recognizing heart rates and regulating sub-systems for greater response times.

So when does this game actually hit retail shelves? BioWare said that Mass Effect 2 lands the Xbox 360 and PC just after Christmas: January 26 here in the States and January 29 in Europe.

  • ssalim
    Looking at the picture, it seems like the game will have sex in it again. Of course, China will censor this out... possibly Germany too?
  • socrates047
    There was sex in the first game?
    Note to self, got to finish Mass Effect
  • isapiens
    somehow she doesnt turn me on.
    By next year do they mean 2010 or 2011? because if its in 2010 its more like in 3 months then next year...
  • nonxcarbonx
  • Infinity_Wasted
    I'm generally positive about the game, but I always hate it when companies offer preorder incentives when you buy from specific retailers. I've also read from Gamespot that Gamestop preorders will allow people access to special weapons in-game, that non-preorders won't be able to use (3rd paragraph, "The download will also unlock a wider variety of heavy weapons than will be accessible to those who buy the game after the game launches."). I have to wonder this would change the game for those who preorder it. will this be available early and make most future armour upgrades unnecessary?

    as much as I like the game, the publisher is doing this because they KNOW they can. and they know they'll get away with it. I have no qualms with the game itself, but I have to question the preorder scheme.
  • omnimodis78
    ^^ I second that - I mean if I were buying a pepsi from vending machine A i wouldn't expect (or accept) if the flavour was different than if it was popped out of vending machine B. It's the same product, costing the same - so how is that fair?
  • griffed88
    Basically, I think this whole pre-order incentive thing is to get people to buy the games at full price instead of waiting for a price drop. I waited till Steam had a deal on DoW 2 and got it for 19.99, but I decided to Pre-order the Aion Collectors Edition for the items and paid full price(I don't even really like the game). It looks like the incentive will work on me again with Dragon Age. The games creators are not seeing any money when people buy used games, and they don't make as much profit when people wait for a price drop. I think this is a great idea to get people to pay full price, but only so far as to not ruin the game for people who don't pre-order. I could see this being taken too far and people who don't pre-order getting screwed over with an incomplete game.
  • anamaniac
    Socrates047There was sex in the first game? Note to self, got to finish Mass EffectIt was good.
    Made it worth playing through multiple times.

    Go BioWare, you're fucking awesome!
  • Ineedanewusername4561
    It didn't just have sex... it had LESBIAN sex too. I mean WOW.
  • ominous prime
    More sex please.