A Video Demo of the Surface Pro from the Microsoft Launch

On Saturday, February 9, Microsoft unleashed its second salvo against the dominance of Apple’s iPad in the post PC tablet world, the Surface Pro. Like the Surface RT, which was released last year to lukewarm reviews, the Surface Pro is designed and built by Microsoft, and is a full Windows 8 Pro device, unlike the Windows RT running tablet.

We were at the Toronto Microsoft Store for the launch on Saturday, and while there we were able to video a short demo of the Pro. Mitch Garvis, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, took us through some of the Pro’s features, and showed us how the Surface Pro has changed the way he works. You can check out the video below.

In the video he addresses some of the issues people have brought up about the Surface Pro. For example, with regards to the usable storage on the Pro’s SSD, he shows how you can claim some of it back by moving the recovery partition to an external device. One topic that wasn’t brought up, though, was the Pro’s 3-hour battery life (in fairness we didn’t ask), which is probably, in our opinion, the tablet’s biggest weakness when compared to both other tablets and Ultrabooks.

Have you bought a Surface Pro? If not, do you plan to? Let us know in the comments below!


Microsoft Surface Pro Hands-on Demo

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