Microsoft Phones to be Tegra Powered?

Back in September, when the blogosphere was buzzing with rumors of Microsoft's Project Pink, there were two devices everyone was talking about; the Turtle and the Pure. These were supposedly Microsoft-branded phones that the company was developing in conjunction with Project Pink. FCC filings have since confirmed that at least the Turtle is real and manufactured by Sharp (Sharp also produced the Sidekick for Danger, a company owned by Microsoft). 

Today WMExperts has some specs for both the Pure and the Turtle. First thing you need to know is that both the Turtle and the Pure will come in GSM and CDMA versions. The CDMA version of Turtle will be called Pride and the CDMA version of Pure will be called Lion.

WME also claims the two devices will have a 'strong connection to Nvidia's Tegra.' Considering the Zune HD is already powered by Nvidia's Tegra chipset, it wouldn't be too surprising if Microsoft decided to chuck the chip into both the Turtle and the Pure too.

Though a kick-butt Tegra processor would be a dream, the resolutions WME is reporting suggest that these phones could be a little closer to entry level devices. The Turtle is said to pack a 320x240 display, while the Pure is said to have a resolution of 480x320.

Previous rumors suggest the phones won't run Windows Phone 7, which could be a deal breaker for a lot of people. If Microsoft decides to put an older iteration of Windows Mobile onto these devices, the company runs the risk of having people think the phones are already out of date.

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  • Why would they NOT put Windows Phone 7 on it if they indeed run Tegra processors?
  • JohnnyLucky
    GEEZ! All these reports and announcements about new products. It just seems like things are getting out of hand.
  • Luscious
    Microsoft phones may be tegra powered, but that will be a moot point as soon as HTC begins pushing snapdragon handsets with Windows Phone 7 on it.
  • superblahman123
    JohnnyLuckyGEEZ! All these reports and announcements about new products. It just seems like things are getting out of hand.
    Tis the season, it is a new decade after all. Just wait and see what we have by christmas ;-)

    They're worried about being out of date having Windows Mobile while companies like Samsung are shelling out phones with 720p playback? Microsoft may be trying to play it safe by not pouring too many resources into their first few phones, but they will in no way compete with anything already on the market (except maybe the iPhone for the sake of perpetuating the classic Apple vs. Microsoft battle). I doubt they'll be flashy enough for those gung-ho to have the latest and greatest.